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Industry Pricing - FAQs

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can purchase BioRender with any major credit card. For annual subscriptions, we can issue an invoice; please contact us to request an invoice purchase. Monthly subscriptions must be paid via credit card.

Do I have to pay for an entire year of BioRender?
We offer both monthly and annual plans. Annual plans come with a discounted monthly rate. Please visit our pricing page to compare monthly and annual rates for each plan.

How do we sign up as a team?
To sign up as a team, simply choose the “Industry team” plan when upgrading your account. Select the number of members you have on your team, purchase the subscription, and then invite others to join your BioRender team via email.

How often will I be charged?
For monthly plans, you will be charged once a month on the first day of your billing cycle. For annual plans, you will be charged upfront for 12 months of access when you purchase the plan.

Can I use images that I make on the free plan for publication and/or commercial use?
No, we do not allow images made on the free plan to be used for publications or commercial use. Please upgrade to one of our subscription plans in order to attain publication/commercial rights for your BioRender images.

What if I’ve paid for an individual plan, then my organization decides to purchase a team plan?
If your team or organization decides to purchase a team subscription after you’ve already paid for an individual subscription, we will happily refund you for the remainder of your annual individual subscription. Please contact us to arrange a refund.

Is there an additional cost associated with requesting custom icons and templates?
All BioRender users, including free users, can request icons or templates at any time. However, requests from premium users have a guaranteed turnaround of 3-7 days, while requests from free users have no guaranteed turnaround time.

Should I upgrade my account?
Whether or not you should upgrade to a BioRender subscription depends on you and your team’s particular needs. BioRender Basic is good for simple presentations and for personal and educational use. If you want to publish your images for commercial use, download your images in high quality, and/or create more than 5 images, you’ll need to upgrade your BioRender account.

Who should be the admin of my organization?
The person who upgrades a BioRender team will become an administrator of that team, but this can be changed in the team settings. Administrators are generally team leads or project managers that make IT decisions for the team. They can add and remove team members, purchase additional seats, and give other members administrator privileges.

We might need to add more people to our team. How will that be billed?
If you have purchased a team or lab subscription, you can purchase additional seats for your team subscription at any time by clicking “Add seats” in your team settings. You will also be prompted to purchase additional seats if the number of invited team members exceeds the number of seats you have already paid for.

How does BioRender’s pricing work?
When you first sign up, you are automatically enrolled in BioRender Basic, our free plan. You can use BioRender free of charge but there are some feature limitations and you can't use illustrations for publications or commercial purposes. If you decide to upgrade your account, you can do so by purchasing an individual subscription (which gives only you access to premium features) or by purchasing a team subscription (which gives premium access to your entire team). You can get a free trial of the premium features by putting a credit card down for one of our plans. Team subscriptions start at 5 seats minimum; you can purchase additional seats for your team at a fixed “per seat” amount. See our academic and industry pricing pages for more information on exact pricing.

Do you offer discounts?
We have built-in discounts for users in academia. We also offer discounts of 10-30% off of monthly subscription rates in exchange for an annual subscription.

I want my entire organization to have access to BioRender. How do I arrange this?
We are happy to work with entire departments and institutions to give their members access to BioRender. Please contact us to discuss the best arrangement for your particular organization.

Do you offer consolidated billing?
We offer consolidated billing for labs and teams of 5 people or more. Please contact us to arrange consolidated billing once you have purchased a team subscription.

What is your refund policy?
We do not offer refunds apart from exceptions listed below. If you cancel your plan before the next renewal cycle, you will retain access to Premium features until the end of your billing period. When your subscription expires, you will lose access to Premium features and all data associated with those features. Exceptions to our refund policy: cancellation within 48 hours of initial charge will result in a full refund. If you cancel within this timeframe, you will lose access to Premium features and associated data immediately upon cancelling.